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Easy Beezy 4.4oz.

A 4.4oz. blend of Grape Seed Oil & Avocado Oil with Beeswax as a bonding medium, all wrapped up in a convenient, easy to use stick!

$19.95 ea



Easy Beezy 7oz. "Big Stick"

Same as the 4.4oz. version with 7 ounces of seasoning for those you restore a lot of cast iron cookware.

Easy Beezy 4.4oz.

Easy Beezy 7oz. Big Stick

Directions For Use

Your Easy Beezy will arrive with about 1 inch of the of the seasoning already exposed. This should be enough to get you started.

Once you have used the initial 1 inch of seasoning, tear a little paper from the end of the stick to expose the wax for farther use. A lot like you would for a coloring crayon.

Please note that you should use oven mitts when handling hot cookware. Safety First!





Step-1. Preheat cookware in the oven to at least 200-250 degrees F (93-121 C). This will ensure the cookware is hot enough for melting the tip of the Easy Beezy.


Step-2. Rub a thin layer of the Easy Beezy onto the heated cookware.


Step-3. Use an aplication cloth to rub the melted seasoning oil over the entire surface of the cookware. 100% cotton, Old T-Shirt material works great. This cloth will eventually become completely infused and you will need to use less of the Easy Beezy Seasoning with each application.


Step-4. Use a clean wipe down cloth to remove as much of the excess seasoning as possible. The rule for seasoning oil is “Less Is Best”.  Note: The wipe down cloth will eventually become completely infused and you will need to replace it with a new one. The old wipe down cloth can become your new aplication cloth.


Step-5. Place your cookware back in the oven upside down for one hour at 480-500 degrees F (250-260 C).  This will allow for polymerization of the seasoning oils to occur. After one hour, allow it to cool down enough to repeat the process two additional times.


Three applications and you're ready to start cooking! Your cast iron will continue to look an perform better with each use!


For touchups and storing, apply a thin layer to keep your cookware ready to use!

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